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Cis Jasmone

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Jasmone is a natural organic compound extracted from the volatile portion of the oil fromjasmine flowers. It is a colorless to pale yellow liquid that has the odor of jasmine. Jasmone can exist in two isomeric forms with differing geometry around the pentenyl double bond, cis-jasmone and trans-jasmone. The natural extract contains only the cis form, while synthetic material is often a mixture containing both forms, with the cis form predominating. Both forms have similar odors and chemical properties.

Jasmone is produced within plants by the metabolism of jasmonate, from linolenic acid by the octadecanoid pathway. It can act as either an attractant or a repellent for various insects. Commercially jasmone is used primarily in perfumes and cosmetics.

An attempt to make Z jasmone – an important constituent of many perfumes

In fact one synthesis uses the following as carbon sources:

cis (Z) jasmone ,

cas no 488-10-8, 3-methyl-2-[(2Z)-pent-2-en-1-yl]cyclopent-2-en-1-one

ref-(Can. J. Chem. 1978, Vol 56, p2301)

1    W. Theilheimer. Synthetic Methods of Organic Chemistry. Volume 31, 1977, p. 352 
2   Tetrahedron, 39 (24), p. 4127, 1983

Thomas Koch, Katja Bandemer, Wilhelm Boland (1997). "Biosynthesis of cis-Jasmone: a pathway for the inactivation and the disposal of the plant stress hormone jasmonic acid to the gas phase?". Helvetica Chimica Acta 80 (3): 838–850.doi:10.1002/hlca.19970800318.

Predict NMR spectrum



Ph.D from UDCT, now ICT, Mumbai,INDIA, In Organic Chemistry, under Prof. S. SESHADRI, 25+ years in industry( API), mostly multinationals, Conducted process development in companies like Hoechst Marion Roussel(Sanofi aventis), Searle, Schering, RPG, Innovassynth, Glenmark, with exposure to basic research at SEARLE under Dr Nagarajan (Director Ciba), Tech transfer in plant eg deltamethrin 3 tonnes in RPG, bulk drug gmp (only 7 months) in Hoechst Marion Roussel(SANOFI AVENTIS), Custom synthesis in Innovasynth(SANDOZ, Basel, BASF Germany), exposure to Natural products, drugs intermediates, vet drugs, and some exposure in agro.speciality chemicals, flavours and fragrances, nutraceuticals and mettalocenes. ability to deliver products in the production plant(atleast 35 in career).Helping millions with websites on chemistry, million hits on google


1. Felt proud to spend millenium night in plant for deltamethrin

2. Added personally a 25 kg sodium cyanide charge in a reactor at 2.oo in night, panoli, gujarat, India at RPG.in 90'decade, not to be attempted again

3. Did not run away and controlled an exotherm in plant batch due to accidental addn of acid.Chloridel into NaCN rxn , the batch was to be done at zero degrees cent and temp went upto 61 degrees cent

4. Similar case when a thin film high vac distn exploded in a pilot plant in nasik for CBZ chem. UK, still able to despatch 100 kg material, Award london trip

5. High vac. distilled 25 kg of drug int in the night using 3 pumps for a pilot plant trial intermediate, SANDOZ Basel Customer, award bottle of wine from switzerland

6. Personally worked after lab work in evenings with Dr Ralph Stapel , director. in modern, Hoechst pilot plant at Mulund Mumbai, in 80'

7. Assisted Head Asia pacific, QA for TGA audit at Aventis plant ankleshwar

8 Slept for 3 hrs in morning in first aid room in Panoli during deltamethrin process demo at panoli Gujarat, then afternoon 2 hrs at guest house during 6 months campaign, Walked to ankleshwar 10 km in night on non availability if transport

9 Reached Innovasynth lab in khopoli at 9 morning from mumbai,100 km, using trucks, ricks after july monsoon deluge in Mumbai 2005

10 Got an opportunity to write a DMF in 90', Hoechst, Got a chance to work in departments like tablets,large vol parenterals, injections, vaccines , liq orals, enzymes in Hoechst mulund, mumbai, India plant


11 Most crazy thing was to add 3 litres of butyl lithium solution by gravity using a cannula by carrying it on my shoulder


To carry out research and devpt, motivate, guide & lead a team of scientists,conduct lit.search,identify and execute new/novel routes for the synth,scale up from grams to kg levels in lab,conduct pilot trials/assist in prodn.upto ton levels. Carry out impurity profiles and assist in dossier writing. To keep in mind IPR issues and draft patents, file DMFS in US/EU, file patents and contribute to intellectual property,Ability to develop novel routes for API,s, well versed with polymorphism issues

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